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FinZoom Financial Guides aggregate and compare consumer financial products within entire local markets, providing consumers with a single destination to shop online for financial products. Our teams of research analysts call on banks daily to ensure that all information contianed in our guides remains 100% accurate. With the detailed data for each product, our comparison engine dynamically calculates their full cost so that offers can be presented on equal and impartial terms for the consumer. This comparison analysis is displayed in easy-to-read tables, with links allowing consumers to apply directly or get more details.

To support the fair and objective information we provide, FinZoom offers valuable personal finance tools and sound advice through its network of country portals. FinZoom regularly publishes articles in the national media to help consumers better understand the products they seek and become better-informed about their local markets.

The FinZoom Financial Guide Network

FinZoom launched its first finacial guide portal in Bulgaria (www.moitepari.bg) in October 2005 and now operates leading consumer financial portals in Bulgaria, Romania (www.finzoom.ro) and Turkey (www.finzoom.com.tr). The company plans to continue expanding into new Eastern European markets where there are opportunities to add value for consumers who seek an easier way to shop for financial products.

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