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About Us

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How we add value

1. For consumers

FinZoom financial guides are easy to use and focused on saving consumers time and money. Our simplified process significantly reduces the hassle, stress and confusion involved in searching and applying for financial products. Within our portals, consumers can quickly identify and apply for the best deal on the market for their specific needs.

The FinZoom network of portals brings all local finance providers to one place and compares their offers fully and impartially, enabling consumers to shop online for loans, credit cards, mortgages, deposits and much more. Consumers may also apply directly from our site for financial products offered by our partners.

Best of all, our services are entirely free for consumers.

2. For financial providers

• Highly-qualified sales leads. FinZoom serves as a valuable alternative online sales channel for financial providers and is a critical component of their online strategies. Visitors to our portals are actively seeking the best offers and are ready to apply. The FinZoom application process links these motivated customers directly to the online applications of participating financial institutions, saving time and overhead cost associated with identifying and servicing new customers. As a result, partnering providers can increase the competitiveness of their products while achieving higher margins.

• Competitive research. Retail financial markets are highly competitive, with success gained through volume and market share. Our portals display benchmarks for the entire market, enabling financial providers to easily gauge the competitiveness of their offers on an objective basis. As we collect offers over time, we will have the ability to provide historical trends for each provider.

• Targeted online advertising. We offer a host of online advertising opportunities to consumer finance providers, including banner ads and VIP positioning within our comparison tables. Providers may also choose to offer promotional products available exclusively through our site.

3. For Media

FinZoom provides valuable financial comparison tables and consumer finance content to our media partners. Because we are solely focused on consumer finance content, we save them the hassle of aggregating large amounts of data and keeping it fully up-to-date and accurate.

We bear full responsibility for the accuracy and integrity of our data and advice columns, allowing media to source our content with confidence and focus on what they do best.

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