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Wednesday, November 07, 2007:: Compare Price Variations of All Bulgarian Mutual Funds with Alterations of the Four Stock Exchange Indices in Bulgaria - SOFIX, BG40, BGREIT и BGTR30 on www.moitepari.bg

Each visitor of www.moitepari.bg  interested in investments will be favored from now on to track and compare graphically the changes in prices offered by up to three Mutual Funds at once with the variations of one of the four Bulgarian Stock Exchange Indices 

www.moitepari.bg is the unique website in Bulgaria that offers to investors full dynamic comparisons of all Bulgarian Mutual Funds, known also as Collective Investment Schemes (CISs), based on four types of yields. The website provides also detailed information about foreign CISs that have been licensed by the Financial Supervision Commission to operate on the Bulgarian market.

The comparisons are available online from September this year and visitors have the option to narrow the scope of search and comparison to only one type of Mutual Fund (high-risk, balanced, low-risk) and/or one type of region to invest. The very comparisons are based on four types of yields (since the start of the year, for the last 6 months, for the last 12 months and since the start of the initial public offering (IPO)), that enables classification and rearrangement  of the offers according to the certain criteria and personal specific needs of the investor.

The newest function introduced on www.moitepari.bg is graphic comparison of prices variations.

Firstly, Each visitor can compare up to three Mutual Funds at once and to track graphically the changes in their prices for one of the following periods:

  • For the last one week
  • For the last one month
  • For the last three months
  • For the last six months
  • For the last twelve months
  • Since the start of the year
  • Since the start of the initial public offering.

Secondly, Another new option is to add to the graphic comparison the value trend of one of the following indices from the Bulgarian Stock Exchange:

  • BG40
  • BGTR30

Tracking the changes in value of these indices can help potential investors make better informed and well-grounded decision. Stock Exchange Indices’ variations are affected by current condition of securities’ market where predominately Mutual Funds invest. The graphic comparison of dynamics of prices of securities of Mutual Funds with the dynamics of the Stock Exchange Indices serve as an indicator of the rate of correlation between them. This helps investor to better form his expectations from the market. Graphics are excellent tool for analyzing past events and making prognosis for future ones.

For beginners MOITE PARI offers free consultancy and advice services. Each concerned with this can visit www.moitepari.bg  Section “Discuss with us”, sub-section Investments and to take part in the free discussions by sending his personal question to the specialists of MOITE PARI’ team.  If the visitor desire his question and respective answer will be published on the website so other visitors to state their own comments and share opinion, experience etc. Otherwise the visitor will be given an answer only via e-mail.

At present MOITE PARI work on the idea to attract specialists from the Portfolio Management and Investment Advisor Companies (PMIAC) to take part in the discussions. The aim is to provide current and future investors with higher quality consultancy service. Up to now one PMIAC has taken participation in the discussions but two more have shown interest, too.

Thursday, September 20, 2007:: The Financial Web-portal MOITE PARI Launches Comparison of Products Related To the Capital Market

The renovated version of www.moitepari.bg is provided with new product comparisonvia four types of return on investments offered by all Bulgarian Collective Investment Schemes (CISs)

About new CISs comparison

This is the first product comparison, related to the capital market that the financial web-portal MOITE PARI launched. All Collective Investment Schemes (CISs) ran by all Portfolio Management and Investment Advisor Companies in Bulgaria, are compared on www.moitepari.bg. The website provides also detailed information about foreign CISs that have been licensed by the Financial Supervision Commission to operate on the Bulgarian market.

The dynamic comparisons are based on four types of yields, as follows:

  • Since the start of the year;
  • For the last 6 months;
  • For the last 12 months;
  • Since the start of the initial public offering (IPO).

Prices and full prospectus provide detailed information about:

  • Risk profile of the CISs (high-risk, balanced, low-risk);
  • Types of securities and region to invest;
  • Portfolio structure/description;
  • Investment intermediaries that offer portions/shares of the mutual fund/investment company;
  • Depository bank;
  • Dividends apportionment option;
  • Taxes imposed on yields generated by trading with securities;
  • and others.

The CISs comparison serves the needs of current investors that actively observe capital market trends. Also, it is of great help to beginners willing to invest money in such schemes because the new section is provided with detailed information, help notes and useful explanations to orientate even non-specialists.

MOITE PARI intentionally pitched on CISs to be the next new product comparison on its web site. This choice is driven from the willing to provide its visitors with an alternative choice. Now on www.moitepari.bg consumers can inform about the two most popular in Bulgaria investment options – on one side these are bank term deposits and on the other – its alternative, the CISs.

About the renovated version of www.moitepari.bg and the improved functionalities

www.moitepari.bg has brand new design and contrast colors. The following functions and new tools are introduced in favor of visitors:

  • Two mortgage calculators: 1. Accordingly to consumer’s monthly net income and debt commitments, the first calculator estimates the affordable amount for buying a mortgage. 2. The second one calculates the maximum annual interest rate on a loan for buying a mortgage, accordingly to its price and consumer’s monthly net income and debt commitments;
  • Considerably easier navigation;
  • More help notes and instructions for better understanding of the complex financial terminology;
  • „Discuss with us” is the new consumer feedback information tool. Each visitor can send a personal inquiry for advice to the financial advisors of MOITE PARI. It will be given an answer and on the will of the visitor published on the web site. Giving publicity to FAQ on common problems regarding personal finances empower thousand of consumers to share opinion, experience and avoid tricky situations;
  • The new web site version is organized to lead the consumer more quickly to his/her desired page through many shortcut links.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007 :: www.FinZoom.ro is launching the first comparison of the Romanian Private Pensions Funds

FinZoom, www.finzoom.ro, the only analysis site in Romania, online applications and free financial consultancy (online and offline) based entirely on the costs/ real profits (APR) of the financial products (+1000 loans, leasing, credit cards, deposits), is launching today a new comparison: Pension Funds (Optional Pensions/III-rd Pylon and Mandatory Pensions/ II-nd Pylon).

The new category of FinZoom comparisons is supported by advanced information managing software, capable to point out the differences between pension’s funds but also the elements stated by law they have in common.

Thus, the consumers will have + 50 comparison parameters at their disposal: basic information for each found – administrator, depositary, audit company and broker, warrantees offered by the administrator, investments portfolio structure, taxes, commissions, penalties, minimum and maximum contributions, fiscal deductions limits, rights and obligations for the administrator and for the participant, rules stated by law etc.

Those who need help in taking a decision regarding the pension funds have the FinZoom comparison at their disposal (online access, non-stop, unlimited and free) which helps them to choose the analysis of the Optional Pensions or the Mandatory ones. Also the consumers can use the three optional filters throughout which you can select only the products of a certain Administrator, Depositary or Audit Company.

In time the activity reports for the pensions founds will allow the FinZoom comparison to calculate in figures their development stage and their profitability.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007 :: Money.bg Network to Host Moite Pari Consumer Finance Content on Co-branded Web Pages

Partnership Broadens Reach of Moite Pari Content To 150 Thousand Web Users Daily

Through a new partnership between MoitePari.bg and Money.bg, visitors to Money.bg can access the full content of MoitePari at http://my.money.bg. MoitePari, Bulgaria’s Financial Guide offers:
  • Dynamic comparison of offers for consumer, home, business loans, auto loans and auto leases, credit cards and term deposits;
  • Apply buttons for certain bank products;
  • Professional advice
  • Information about current bank product promotions as well as other useful information regarding the bank sector.

    Launching the new section comes as a result of MOITE PARI and its partners from Web Media Group desire to empower more consumers of bank products in Bulgaria to make well-informed decisions about their personal finances. The detailed dynamic product comparisons, the professional and useful advice to consumers, the overall information about all bank products easily accessible on its web site are the keys to success of MOITE PARI – the Bulgarian Financial Guide.

    Access to more than 150 thousand visitors per day

    The new section, through united platform of jointed web portals – www.money.bg, www.news.bg, www.international.news.bg, www.topsport.bg, www.finance.news.bg, www.vsi4ko.bg, www.imotera.ibox.bg part of Web Media Group and the Bulgarian Financial Guide www.moitepari.bg, offers:
  • Access to more than 150 thousand consumers per day who can visit http://my.money.bg and compare all banks offers, select and apply for a certain bank product; also, inform about the latest bank promotions or achievements via the section “Financial Institutions News”;
  • Presence in leading web portals – both visited by the general public and high-targeted audience consisted of consumers who purposefully seek the best bank product offers;
  • Opportunity for promoting alternative sales channel by placing online application buttons;
  • Quick and easy way to inform a huge number of consumers about certain bank offers without any additional efforts or waste of time and money for employing consultancy staff; 
  • Free extra PR channel by placing the latest news from all banks in Bulgaria.

Monday, June 04, 2007 :: MOITE PARI already calculates Two Indices on the average Annual Percentage Rate on Mortgage loans – one in Bulgarian levs and the new one in Euro The Second Index from MOITE PARI Indices’ family is already available on www.moitepari.bg. It shows the real average market price of mortgage loans granted in Euro and follows the trends in changes in their conditions.

Similar to the first index, the new one’s calculations take into account the average Annual Percentage Rate on 20-year mortgage loans offers of several commercial banks. The calculations are made on mortgage loans with the following parameters: loan amount - 25 000 EUR, mortgage price - 40 000 EUR and equal monthly payments. The Index includes the same 15 banks as Index MOITE PARI (BGN) (those banks have over 95 % share of mortgage loans market). The structure of the banks is as follows: 10 banks in Group No 1 and 5 banks in Group No 2. This classification is according to the Bulgarian National Bank’s criteria.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007 :: FinZoom Turkey Launches First Comprehensive Comparison of Credit Cards in Turkey

Newest Site Addition Compares Rates, Costs, Campaign Details and Allows Users to Apply Instantly Online

FinZoom Turkey (www.finzoom.com.tr) today launched a complete comparison of all credit cards in Turkey.  The comprehensive comparison, the first of its kind on the web in Turkey, offers visitors the following features:

  • Over 150 active credit cards compared.
  • All brands (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) and levels (standard, gold, platinum) covered for personal and corporate cards.
  • Extensive details for each card including payment rules, card use, and more.
  • Filtering options available for different target groups (e.g., student cards, co-branded cards).
  • Details for all active card campaigns, sorted by sector (e.g., GSM, sporting, etc.).
  • Advice articles to help consumers understand the risks of credit cards and make the best decision.
  • Option to Apply Online instantly through FinZoom.

FinZoom is Turkey’s leading consumer finance portal, comparing all consumer loans, home loans, auto loans and credit cards fully and objectively for consumers.  It is part of the FinZoom Financial Guide® Network (www.FinZoom.com) that successfully operates financial portals in Bulgaria (www.moitepari.bg; www.creditland.bg), Romania (www.FinZoom.ro) and Turkey (www.finzoom.com.tr).

Thursday, April 26, 2007 :: MOITE PARI Launches Detailed Catalogue for Business Loans Offers

Business entrepreneurs can find detailed information about potential financial sources for launching or growing a business in Bulgaria

About the service value

On 26 April 2007, MOITE PARI - the Bulgarian Financial Guide launched the first detailed online catalogue for business loan offers in Bulgaria.

It is made especially to assist entrepreneurs who have developed a business plan and seek to raise start-up capital or those who already run a business and need additional funding. However, the recent expansion in the number of financing alternatives can overwhelm and confuse many entrepreneurs.

Because of this reason MOITE PARI initiated a detailed online business loan catalogue that enables consumers to find all available market information about business loans. Also, every visitor can apply for a certain product directly from the site. The professional credit brokers from Creditland will consult applicants free of charge on personal financing issues and then fill correctly the required papers, and represent his/her application to the bank.

About the catalogue

The catalogue includes business loans offers that serve different needs - financing of working capital and investment needs or a combination of both. It is of equal use for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME), agricultural producers and free lance professionals. The catalogue provides detailed information about business loans for export financing and loans that are granted by energy efficiency programs and the program of the Guarantee Fund for Micro – Financing.

Thursday, February 05, 2007 :: Find the most favorable home loan with the assistance of the financial website MOITE PARI

The renovated version of www.moitepari.bg is provided with new product comparison as well as considerably improved functionality

About New Home Loans Comparison
MOITE PARI--the Bulgarian Financial Guide--has launched a full comparison of over 400 home loans offers. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR), calculated dynamically for each unique search, represents the loan’s complete cost, including the announced interest rate and all additional fees and insurance premiums (Life Insurance and Property Insurance). Home loans APR comparison, unlike that of other financial products, is not regulated by the Law of Consumer Loans that came into force in Bulgaria in June 2006. However, it is expected that soon the law will be altered to include home loans.

Since 2002, EU member states have practiced a “Voluntary Ethics Code.” Over 2,500 European banks and financial institutions have signed it. The Code obliges banks to publicly announce the APR on loans as well as several other conditions such as the type of interest rate, all possible fees, etc. A special Home Loans Directive based on a recent Green Paper on Mortgage Regulation is forthcoming with a White Book anticipated for 2007. These measures will be the last steps towards the Directive ratification in 2008.

Regardless of legislation MOITE PARI will provide a full APR comparison of home loans in order to empower consumers to make well-informed decisions about their personal finances.

About the new version of the website
The renovated version of www.moitepari.bg boasts considerably improved functionality that enables visitors to search for and easily find necessary information for financial products. The new version is organized to lead the consumer more quickly to his/her desired page on the website.

The following functions optimize the time that visitors spend in searching:
• All news and advices are classified by product subjects for easier navigation;
• A new option is added for choosing and comparing up to three offers. The information can be accessed and compared via dynamic and personalized searches;
• Consumers can now apply for a certain product from the “Search” screen
• A financial news section added to inform consumers about financial institutions current news. These will be published immediately after their official public announcement.
• The web site now has improved screen resolution that provides a considerably better visibility and the opportunity for showing more information on the screen at the same time.

“With the development of our newest product--comparison of home loans, we have made one more step towards closing the cycle of financial products comparisons. Also, we plan to direct our attention to some products outside of the financial sphere. Our final aim is to cover the majority of comparable services”- said Kamen Kanev- an executive director of MOITE PARI. “Our ambitions are to become the leading provider and analyzer of information about consumers’ personal finances throughout the South-Eastern region. The variety of financial products conditions on the one side, and consumers’ lack of time to study the different offers on the other – are the basis of the services we offer.”

Thursday, February 01, 2007 :: NEW–FinZoom Compare all Romanian Credit Cards

Launch Brings Smartest and Most Comprehensive Search of Credit Cards to Romanian Web

FinZoom Romania (www.FinZoom.ro) today launched full comparison of all credit cards in Romania, its newest financial product comparison since launching the website last fall with full comparison of consumer loans, mortgage loans, and auto loans/leasing.  The new section offers comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date information about all credit cards currently available on the Romanian market (over 75 products, 93 parameters, 18 banks, 9 non-banking institutions).
FinZoom’s online comparison of credit cards is the smartest, most targeted online search yet, designed to assist consumers in choosing the best card for their needs in the shortest amount of time. The dynamic search boasts the following features:

Filtering options
for card provider (co-branded, bank, non-bank), card type (standard, premium), currency, usage type (national, international), usage area (online, offline) and brand (Visa, Master Card, American Express)

Pre-defined results sorting
  • APR for purchases,
  • APR for cash withdrawal,
  • Repayment grace period,
  • Annual fee and
  • Minimum monthly payment
As with its comparison of other loan products, FinZoom extends its expertise in APR calculation to credit card products.  In estimating APRs for each card, our advanced software engine factors in all grace periods and promotions and assumes that the card holder will make minimum monthly payments each month after initially drawing the card’s full credit limit. Applying these usage assumptions to all products guarantees a truly objective, apples-to-apples product comparison, rather than comparing APR estimates provided by banks. .

Thursday, January 25, 2007 :: MOITE PARI Top Nominee for “Companies” Award at “IT project 2006” Competition

www.moitepari.bg Again Demonstrates Its Effectiveness and Social Significance by Achieving Public Recognition for a Third Successive Year

On January 24, 2007, MOITE PARI gained public recognition at the IT project 2006 awards. MOITE PARI was one of three companies nominated for the “Companies” category, which recognizes useful and innovative projects of public importance. Thirty IT projects from Bulgaria took part in the event. Candidate companies were classified into two categories – “Public Organizations” and “Companies”— and judged by an independent 7-member panel.

2007 marks the third year that this competition has been arranged by “Computerworld Bulgaria” newspaper with the kind support of First Investment Bank. For further information please visit www.computerworld.bg.

In its year-and-a-half of operating history, MOITE PARI (www.moitepari.bg) has gained consumers' trust as a reliable and easily-accessible source of information and advice. The site won the Bulgarian Web Association's prestigious "Financial Website of the Audience" award in 2005 and 2006 respectively.

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