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Partnership Opportunities

Would you like to bring the FinZoom Financial Comparison Engine® to your market? Our software engine is customizable and ready for out-of-the-box implementation for start-up portals as well as for integration into existing websites.

The business opportunity for a comparison portal consists of creating an online marketplace for tens of thousands of daily consumers by aggregating all available offers on the market, facilitating an apples-to-apples comparison (i.e. full-cost dynamic APR), and monetizing the high-quality, “in-market” traffic through CPM (cost-per-impression), CPC (Cost-per-click) or CPA (Cost-per-action/lead via online application forms) revenue channels. The available financial products are:

  • Credit Products – Mortgages, Consumer Loans, Credit Cards, Auto-loans, Leasing offers,
  • Savings Products – Mutual Funds, Term-deposits, Savings Accounts,
  • Insurance Products – Property-, Auto-insurance, Driver Liability Insurance, Life Insurance
  • Other Products – Pension Funds Comparison
  • Future Products – Comparison of cell phone plans, internet providers, new and used autos.

This business model has proven highly successful and profitable in the US (e.g. bankrate.com) and UK (e.g. moneysupermarket.com), among other developed countries.

In addition to offering the FinZoom software engine, including source-code transfer, set-up, customization, training and ongoing support, we would also offer our expertise and best practices in areas such as:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and search-engine marketing (SEM).
  • Marketing Frameworks and Sales Presentation Templates; Pricing and Negotiation Strategy with financial providers.
  • Strategies for collaboration with other portals in your market through Affiliate Programs.
  • Best practices in consumer finance articles and ready-templates for customization.
  • Best Practices in PR and article-syndication – online and offline.
For more information or to request a Partnership Implementation Guide, please contact us at sales@eastisoft.com.
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